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What People are saying about Ropana Wellness

Welcome to our Testimonial Page, where real people share real experiences. Dive into a collection of heartfelt stories, raving reviews, and genuine feedback that showcase the transformative power of our products/services. From overcoming challenges to achieving dreams, our customers' words paint a vivid picture of the impact we make. Join us on this journey of inspiration and trust – their words say it all.

Discover the Stories Behind Success: Our Customers Speak!

"As we get older, we earn a few more aches and pains in our muscles.   I have been dealing with a chronic muscle pull in my scapula and hips for quite a while.    I've been to chiropractors and physical therapists.   Both have helped.    I didn't really feel any true relief until I started going to Kayla at Ropana Wellness for her deep tissue massages. With her help and guidance, I've gotten nearly to full mobility back.  Kayla is more than a massage therapist.   She is also a personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge on sports injuries and healing, so not only can she provide relief for sports injuries, but she can impart information on how to prevent future injuries.      I'm not always looking for a deep tissue sport massage, so she can also provide a relaxation massage as well.     Her workspace is sanitary, relaxing and comfortable.   I would highly recommend calling Kayla at Ropana Wellness!"

Sheryl / Functional Analyst

“I’ve been training for over twelve years, getting numerous aches and pains along the way. This time around I had very tight hip flexors and with a bodybuilding show coming up, I wanted to make sure I got everything taken care of as best as possible. That’s when I started deep tissue massage therapy with Kayla. Kayla went above and beyond helping me. She helped open my hip flexor, guided me through stretches to help prevent it from tightening up again, and even helped me with other ailments I had which I would’ve never gotten fixed without her help. I’ve now seen Kayla every week since and cannot recommend her enough. Both my workouts and everyday life have had a night-and-day difference in improvement.” 

Eli / Personal Trainer

"I highly recommend Kayla at Ropana Wellness.  A few years ago, I tore my ACL and 6 other ligaments in my knee in a skiing accident.  Although surgery was successful, I still have long term effects of the injury (swelling, stiffness, soreness, etc.).  Since I began working with Kayla, I have been able to return to my normal activities such as weightlifting, cardio workouts, golf, etc.  Kayla takes a genuine interest in how I’m feeling and always talks to me about what she plans on doing prior to my appointment.  I cannot recommend Kayla and Ropana Wellness enough!"

Abby / Senior VP

I've been powerlifting for many years and am very used to aches and pains.  It just comes with the territory as you get older.  I've never had a massage and honestly never really thought that I would need one.  I just lift more, and it goes away, right?  Well, that's obviously not the case.  I was having terrible pain in both elbows as well as significant tightness in my upper back/lats, chest...pretty much my entire body.  Several people recommended that I go see Kayla, and I'm glad that I did.  She was very thorough in diagnosing where my problem areas were and how we would tackle them.  Definitely not a "one size fits all" massage.  The massage is different every time depending on where the problem areas are at that time and where the most attention is needed.  I'm still a work in progress but already see significant improvement.  Both elbows are pretty much pain free and I'm seeing a significant improvement in my range of motion.  Could not be happier.  Great location, great environment, very knowledgeable and professional.  Could not recommend more!

Levi / Powerlifter

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